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agracewoodgate Mon Aug 22, 2011 Comment!

On campus at the moment and all I can say is a library in a building very much similar to an aircraft hanger is not convenient, sensible or remotely cool. Had to walk about a mile through car parking lots just to find a printer that works in this so called "university". And once you get all the insurance crap you needed to get printed off, there's no one in the international students medical office, so I have to hang around for an hour. On the up side tho, the greek salad here at Cafe Rosso is rather splendid, not too big, not too small and not too unhealthy!......sorry just talking about it meant i had to take my attention away from writing this for a moment so that I could take another mouthful :) and another.

Moving into our new house today SO EXCITED! Otis has even found a guy that will sell us 3new kingsize matresses and deliver them for us for $400, pretty sick deal. Crashed on Catherine and Emily's sofa last night (they only got their house yesterday) So grateful. Woke up yesterday morning completely forgetting I had to check out and find somewhere else to stay. The consequences of going on a pub crawl having already consumed half a bottle of wine with Helen, my room mate. That was fun tho, went with these 2 Canadians then met these 2 Australians, who went on to create a song about the 6 of us, which included lyrics about maple syrup, vegimite and mushy peas. The Australians didnt fail to live up to their crazy reputation; one, whilst ordering his next drink at the bar, turned to the side to throw up then carried on drinking. And their dance, just legendary.

My eating habits are also improving greatly, yesterday for the first time since getting here I had 3 square meals, 3!!!! even if it meant having to eat alone in a cafe, which is what I'm doing now, altho it is mostly just to kill time. Really want to go grocery shopping, find some wholesome gluten free foods and make real meals, miss cooking so much, and our new kitchen is just begging to be used. 

Anyway, hopefully after I see this women about my insurance and she accepts it, I can go get rent money out of the bank and then Mikey, Otis and I can go move in! Got my keys snuggly safe in my purse. Then the task of buying shit to fill the house with, marvelous :) 


agracewoodgate Mon Aug 22, 2011  Comments



Mon Aug 22, 2011 Comments

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