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It's been a while, and seeing as Im missing out on a night on the town today due to a self inflicted, sobre concussion I thought now is as good as anytime to update my blog. You'll all be happy to hear that Monty the fish is still alive and kicking and so are my housemates, although Otis' motorbike, Penny, is on her last legs and he is having to sell her.....sad times! Im just glad I got to have a ride yesterday onto campus (to go to the clinic to check my concussion out) and then to the beach, which ultimately took its toll on the bike and we had to get a lift back with the tow truck. In all fairness, that was pretty fun in itself, the two guys, one who had obviously just enjoyed a fat spliff before picking us up, told us stories of San Francisco. Found out that NO ONE is burried in San Francisco, they're all transported to Daly City, just south of the city. And we were also told that a certain cathedral on Gough Street was designed so that at certain times of the day at certain times of the year, the top of the building casts a shadow the shape of a woman's breast, nipple and all! You just cant beat the knowledge of locals. The beach though, honestly my favourite part of San Fran so far, SO picturesque and the recent weather just made it glorious. Otis enjoyed a bit of pebble skimming whilst I read and sunbathed in the sun.

On the topic of University, I am currently trying to drop a class as Im doing 5 when I could be doing 4, but I missed the deadline to offically drop classes, and it's all getting too much, suffocating on the amount of books and articles I need to read each week. The last two saturdays, I've missed fun days out at Jazz festivals and poorly executed American Shakespeare plays in the park to read for 10 hours's seriously tampering with my sanity, so I'm just going to plead, and beg my way to the Uni Dean, using the exchange student sympathy card to get out of one of my classes, probably Contemporary Cutlure; I dont enjoy writing about the Post Modernist character of a hotel building in Las Vegas, it's just not relevent to my life.  Nor, is religion. Two missionaries came up to me, ON CAMPUS, when I was just trying to enjoy a cheeky cigarette between classes, and started telling me that God had a plan for me and I foolishly used sarcasm when they asked me whether I wanted to know what God had in store for me, and so they thought I was actually interested and started quoting the bible at own fault really, but they just wouldn't get the message! I'm all for people having faith in their religions and trying to reach out to others, but if someone is so OBVIOUSLY not interested, dont waste their or your own time.....Anyway, they think I'm meeting them at a local church next tuesday and have my cell number......Won't be answering any 'private/unknown' numbers when that fine day comes around.

To follow this anecdote, I think a brief description of the Folsom Street Fair (a bondage festival) is called for. So, Mikey and I, despite both of us believing there was a strong possibility we might vom everywhere on the public transport system, decided to head into downtown to meet Otis and Craigy at this, what can only be described as the most bizarre place I've ever been to. Thousands of men in leather jock straps, gimp masks, cop outfits, drag queen attire, ropes or in nothing at all, walking round, many with semi erect penis' getting drunk, whipping eachother, tying eachother up and occassionally giving each other special handshakes on corners. Now, this would be a lot to adjust to on any day of the week, but a hungover sunny sunday afternoon.....Anyway, needless to say, my mind was soon taken off my hangover, and my self piting state of mind, to be replaced by that of pure disbelief. I'm honestly not doing it justice by simply writing about it, I dont think you'll properly appreciate the absurdity until you experience it yourself (not as  an S&M spectacle, but as a festival spectator).

I have just asked Mikey whether there was anything else I should include, and he offered me his diary to compare, but then remembered it's just about girls he's fallen in love with that day, and what he plans to do the next day, hence defeating the whole purpose of keeping a day by day diary, as as soon as he goes to write in it, he's already written about what he's done that day. Oh Mikey. Oh I promised I'd mention how nice Mikey looked today, and all the other days in fact. It's a vital piece of information to include in my blog entries of course.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lucy Basnett for the parcel she sent me, 6 weeks without a was MAGNIFICENT! and the glaxy, and cultured Liverpool postcard! What more could  have asked for?! Having said this, the percy pigs are rapidly disappearing, they're just too good.


agracewoodgate Fri Sep 30, 2011  Comments



Fri Sep 30, 2011 Comments

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