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SO.....its been a rather long time since I last even thought about my blog what with essay deadline, 'pop quizzes' oh yes, they really do exist and they really do set them at SF State (you'll notice I've left out the 'Uni' part as Americans don't call it university, even though it's in the title of their educational institution....go figure!)  Thanks Giving is coming up and after a drunken conversation between Mikey and Otis at 3 am this morning led to the decision to actually LEAVE San Francisco and visit Santa Cruz for the holidays, which would be pretty amazing. They then veered off onto plans to also do Santa Barbara and LA in the same road trip.....I don't think they realise quite how far away we are from these places, and the time restraint of having just a week off. In other, more important news, I've become rather apt at shooting hoops (miniature hoops in our sun room that is) Kind of addictive, probably pissing off downstairs neighbours.....we can only hope! Had a pretty lousy day yesterday, really indecisive mood which led to me missing one of my lessons and turning up to another fully expecting an exam worth 20% of final class grade which I had done absolutely no revision for, mainly due to the fact I have no notes from this class as I fall asleep in it EVERY single time without fail. Not that it really matters, as it's a credit/non credit module which basically means I can fail it and it doesn't really matter (well that's my assumption anyway) but Charlie guilt tripped me and played the conscience card to get me to turn up......we ended up watching a film, La Classe which is actually rather interesting but STILL. This teacher is lovely, but you do have to wonder whether she's on crack half the time. She'll start a sentence which then lasts for the full hour and fifteen minutes of the lesson, and will NEVER reach a point. She just babbles and breaks the computer/projector. Once again though, she is really nice. 

836 Edinburgh street hosted its first house party last Friday, and WHAT a party it was. Without sounding too arrogant, it was pretty epic. Otis and I decided vodka jelly shots and Long Island ice tea punch were vital, so we made about 180 jelly shots, some vodka, some tequilla, all with real pieces of fruit in them and varying from lime to strawberry, to orange to cherry flavour.....oh yeeeaaaahhhhhh! And our punch....lets just say it was in an industrial sized washing up bowl and all of it was consumed within a few hours of guests arriving. So ultimately, we succeeded in getting everyone absolutely wasted, Mikey included a little tour to the park for a moon and star viewing, and I managed to get myself and Tubby (who was up visiting from Santa Barbara) quite lost around my's always good to explore new places, just probably not at 4 in the morning. Needless to say, the next morning, no one was feeling their best and to top it off in my case, I had a date in the evening, and hands down, was still vomming until half an hour before leaving to meet this poor guy.

All you guys back in the UK will be happy to hear it's definitely getting colder and starting to feel more like autumn here. On our trip downtown to get Otis a guitar for his birthday a couple of sundays ago, Mikey and I were both overcome by that nostalgic feeling you often get when autumn arrives. I almost felt like I could have been walking through the streets of London on a crisp cold October afternoon. Bizarre but kind of pleasant at the same time. Did make me a bit homesick though. Can't wait for thanks giving break, I keep thinking how if I were back in England, I would have broken up for christmas by now in terms of how many weeks we've been at uni. We're just finishing our 13th week and we've still got another 4! It's just too long! 

Speaking of Christmas, on a rather amusing note my mother has started posting christmas packages! she obviously hasn't gotten over the debacle of the first parcel she sent out, which by the way, if anyone was wondering, had been sitting in the post delivery office just round the corner for months, and the first I heard of it was through a rather rude final notice. What I would like to know is WHERE WERE THE FIRST, SECOND OR THIRD NOTICES?!!!! Sorry, rant over. I might get back to the reading I need to do for tomorrow, rather interesting book by Philip K Dick 'Do Androids dream of electric sheep?' which I would recommend to anyone that likes science fiction and in particular the film Blade runner, which is based on this novel. Oh and here are some little statistics I've found out in the last couple of days: 1) There are more dogs in the city of San Francisco than children under the age of 15. 2) San Francisco's population had a majority of 66% women, 34% men, 20% of which are gay meaning it's a good city for guys to come find the ladies, particularly because the average marriage age here is  30, a whole 6 years older than the national average 3) Oral sex is illegal in Indiana. There we go, my fun facts for this entry!


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